I said goodbye and I meant it.

  February 7th, 2018 by Urm8451n

Many of you are looking for reasons to keep on living.

I wanted to say that one morning, maybe weeks from now, month, or even years, you will wake up without doubting that you have a reason to.

I wanted to thank you all for all the job you are doing and all the stories that are being shared.

I always felt so alone because I never knew anyone else who is coping with struggles like mine.

I would never have survives without you. In my last post I wrote I’m quitting this site, and well, I’m kind of. But even then, I’m coming over sometimes to see the progress and hear about all the people around this site. You guys saved me, gave me ideas, helped me. I see you guys as friends, and therefor I can’t leave. I feel like I enjoy being here around. I just now learn how to do it moderately.
Right now, I feel good. I feel a man, free, able to do what I believe in. You made me believe in my self. Some of you even gave me a lot of confidence in my own choices.
I would never get so much love and attention as I got in this site.
You guys rock. You helped me heal the wounds and go back for the fighting scene as a better man.

I still have around 3 years until I graduate. But I’m sure I’m on the right road.

Hope you all well,

Stay strong, Be brave
Yours – Jac.

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