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My Story

by Duncan Walpole

In the middle of august I tried to take my life, I was destroyed by pain and I was so anxious about school especially some exams I had to do in order to be accepted in the next class.

I tried.

I failed, and when my mom got home I was in my bed crying and I had a very bad scar that explained what happened, she called my dad and we went to the hospital and now I’m here.

After everything happened I felt so calm and relaxed, I finally had my mind clear.

Now I have a psychologist but I still feel the pain inside me and I can’t get it away, it’s only a matter of time before I try again and hopefully I wont fail.


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Todamnbad 2/4/2018 - 1:01 pm

What pain is bothering you? Physical or Mental? I have attempted to commit suicide too, also given my self a scar. If it is physical like me, you should get a doctor get pain pills or smoke weed. the 2nd is the better choice, but thats if it helps. If its mental, there is depression meds which did make me feel better. Im just saying, you can get help if you want to stay alive. i hope you make good decisions. And also, they’re good ways to cope with your suicidal thoughts and depression, the best one is a good distraction. Could be drawing, walking, music, just something to take your mind off of those negative thoughts. I hope you feel better:)

madhurgupta 2/4/2018 - 1:13 pm

Life is just beginning for you. There are people who are lying in cancer wards begging for one tiny hope of living.
If school is bothering you then leave it and study at home. Many great scientists were self taught. Even they sucked at school and therefore left it.
There are options other than suicide. Give yourself a break. Study at your own pace, but with dedication.

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