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Terrified For My Life

by GerbzBaby

Last night was the most goddamn frightening experience I had ever lived through. I had an older man approach me at a gas station late at night near my friends house.

Before he approached me he was looking at me through my car front windshield which I thought was weird but I dismissed it because sometimes I’m guilty of doing that too on accident. At first I thought he was walking around to the other side of his car and at this time I was looking down at my phone trying to find my mothers contact to ask her a question. I glanced up for a quick second and noticed he was coming towards my car. I started to panic a bit. I was alone, no one else was around us to see both of us, and Im a young skinny ass girl who couldn’t defend herself.. I’ve seen enough crime shows to know were this might go. So he got to my driver side window and leaned over it. I rolled my window down just enough for me to be able to speak to him clearly and gave him a friendly hello.

He was very old, had a long grey and white beard and he looked broke.. After I said hello he told me to roll my window down all the way. I denied him and told him I wouldn’t do that, he asked me again and I denied him. Then he proceeded to offer me free gas saying that he could pay to fill up my tank for me. He kept asking me over and over and I kept telling him over and over I’m fine, I could pay for it myself. My heart was racing and all I remember was just looking at his hands wondering when the fuck he was going to whip out a gun on me and rob me. I told him I was just trying to find my way around and that I’m fine. I kept stumbling over my words as I was trying to talk to him. Eventually there was a break in the conversation and we both left. After I got far enough away  I started feeling like I was about to throw up and I kept replaying what happened in my head..

It may not seem terrifying but it was to me. I’m still unsure if he was trying to be nice to me or not.. but I really didn’t want to take a chance..

I got home safely and didn’t break down on the side of the road and I told my family what happened.. I was already having a shit day and that experience made it 100x worse..

I’m never going back to that gas station again..


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LoveDogs 4/12/2018 - 1:03 pm

You should have taken off immediately when he did not take no for an answer. Then you could have pulled to the side of the road and called the police. You are right, that was a bad and terrifying situation. Glad you are OK.

muspelhem 4/12/2018 - 3:30 pm

Jeez, you’ll never get a date if you’re that picky!

Nah, joke, sounds scary AF, glad you got out of it in one piece!

Diver 4/12/2018 - 4:43 pm

That sounds like it really would be scary, don’t worry, you’re not strange for being worried about it. It’s good that you’re safe.

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