What would a world be like if

  April 12th, 2018 by eternaldarkness

…everyone who wanted to end their lives could? Like a peaceful pill could be granted to anyone who really wanted to end it all?

-there would be so many fewer unwanted pregnancies

-there would be SO much less pain-
–no more pain from the elderly suffering and slooowly dying in agony,
–no more pain from those forever tortured from childhood,
–no more pain from those who can never attain happiness
–no more pain from those who are just so sick and tired of life or struggling

-Life would be more joyous for the living- no more debbie downers and depressives like us to drag anyone down.
-Planet Earth would be happy- less of us pesky humans = less pollution, less trees cut down, less global warming, less endangered animals, etc.

All in all, a plus plus.

On the “down” side, sales of alcohol and tobacco would plummet…

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