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Who are you now?

by mranony

I don’t know anymore.

I didn’t bother what the doctors said about my mind.
I disagreed and I denied the evaluations. All that matters is what I know.

I bothered what people said about my mind.
They mocked. They joked. They sarcastically accept what you have.
But I don’t know where the line overlaps.
So, I sarcastically accept I’m a normal edgy emotional fuck.

I am a normal edgy emotional fuck.

I just want to die without labels but some sort of clarification would help.

Do all humans crave death? I guess in a certain part of our life, it does become a norm.

Do we have to have a labeled illness to kill ourselves? Is it just something to put on our tomb?

They don’t know me and I certainly have no idea who I am.


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freeroma 4/21/2018 - 4:16 pm


I was a bit worried you might have already gone..
I’m not too sure who I am, but hi anony. I think we just know pieces, of ourselves and others.
labels don’t change who you are, just are a method in an effort to figure out what is there.

who bloody knows, though.

mranony 4/22/2018 - 1:26 am

Heyo. Sorry to make you worried.

Awesome song! Kinda reminds me of Gorillaz hehe

Thank you again hehe

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