Idk.. Just drained mentally

  May 20th, 2018 by I.beg.for.mercy

Hi my name is anonymous.. Anonymous because I will be a forgotten memory one day eventually.. Knowing my name or who I am will not matter 10 to 30 years from now..
A forgotten memory only because I wont be around for people to keep up with who comes and goes..
When I do pass I dont want no crying.. I would like a open comment no rules on whats said about me..
maybe it will cure their hate or whatever knowing im no longer breathing..
To be in the ground, the garbage or even burned in a tire long as I give those freedom from me..
Im am only one who is tired of being strong n tired of fighting so hard to only see I fail..
When my heart rate goes down please dont freak out n cry.. I will be around those who really did love me..
Im sitting here typing this.. Telling myself ill get through it.. But how much is to much before I give up..
I can only fight so much til I break.

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