May 13th, 2018 by why949

Why am i so fucking weak!!! I swear i almost crued today bc my mom said something slightly mean. I just want to fucking end it. I rewatched the end of 13 reasons why so i could watch her kill herself. It seems so easy. I upset the onky person who seems to care about me the other day and i thought she hated me and im like 90% sure she actually does. I just want to die. I absolutely feel worthless to everyone. I keep razors in the back of my phone and I cut at school bc it makes me very slightly happier. I want to try drugs to relieve my pain. I’m so tempted to od on something weird as fuck. Still been drinking isopropyl alcohol just to see if it hurts. It doesn’t. I want to cut so deep I hit an artery. Not like that’s gonna happen I do gymnastics and my wrists constantly show. I’m falling apart. What’s wrong with me????? At least one of my other suicidal friends a thought I killed myself and hugged me to death. I want to die but I could never do that to some ppl. Anyways bye. I sound like a blogger. Imma go kms.

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