What can I do?

  June 1st, 2018 by just.idk

For the last year or so I have trying to get help. I told my doctor how I was feeling and she recommended therapy and my mother refused. I trashed my room and in her anger she took me to the hospital trying to scare me by saying they are going to lock me up or drug me up. She called me a spoiled brat and attention seeker while taking me there. I got a therapist but had to drop her because she was racailly insensitive. But I ask for help and no matter what I say it ends in a yelling match with me and my mom. She keeps telling me if something was wrong with me I wouldn’t know it and that what I am going through is normal for a teenager. I’ve told her multiple times I wanted to kill my self but she does not take me seriously. This has been the trend for the longest time. Last week Thrusday I ran out my house at 10ish and hid but I was found by the police. They told me that my parents would take me to the hospital once mommy came home but we had to pick her up. It was a 4 hour drive in total and once we came back home I asked to go to the hospital but she got mad and I got tired of holding my tongue and I went off and tried to hold my ground but she just beat me. She threw her shoes at me an hit me with them she grabbed me by the collar and shook me and yelled in my face and steeped on my glasses. She got my aunt involved and called me a lier as I tried to talk to my aunt I told her what has been happening. My aunt is a psychiatrist but she will not be of any help because mommy only tells her what she wants her to know and I have such a hard time explaining myself verbally. Idk what to do or where to turn to for help. I was texting my friend throught and she told the school and the social worker told me not to go to school Friday which made things worst. Everyone in the house is acting like it didn’t happened. I don’t want to be like this anymore but I can’t do nothing for myself as I am a minor and idk if I can hold out til 18.

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