If you can relate to my reasons+80%, feel free to reply:) or if you got something logical to say..

  July 28th, 2018 by longgone.bleeding

I don’t know where to start but I’ll just state points. I’m not being negative, I’m just being honest. I almost had 3 attempts that were so thoroughly planned these 2 yrs. I know that the 4th will be attempted with no reverse;)

1) I am too naive for this world. Meaning; my crybaby ass self-has never faded. Somehow it got worse. I am the weakest person to the point of not being able to function properly for at least a min.

2) It’s obvious that I have a mental disorder. I know that it can be managed if I had my mom by my side or someone who I love as much as my mom, her nick is “Angel”. Since being alone is absolutely making me feel suffocatingly pathetic, I can’t live a minute with myself. Only these two people can help me.

3) I have a younger brother whos life will be better when I erase myself. Because then my family could EASILY afford to pay for his priv school and future uni. He would have anything he’d ask for. My family thankfully love my brother tons and I know that he will have a good life. I won’t be there making his life miserable.

4) My suicide won’t be selfish since I have no friends “thank god”, not responsible for anyone and anything and my so-called “Angel” officially left me without giving a second thought about my well being. My dad doesn’t want me to have a good life so he won’t be sending me to my mom, he wants me to rot and that whats literally gonna happen, how ironic. My family will have my brother as their main focal point.

5) If you reached here ,damn, cool. But I hope you didn’t misunderstand any part of my shit writing:)

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