Goodbye forever

  August 23rd, 2018 by careforme

Goodbye im so fucken done why should i have to be in this much fucken stress to wanna kill myself hell i’ve been planning it for weeks how imma do this by knife or by overdoes hanging myself or a gun to my fucken brain im trying to think about my bf and my job and my future but im a 19 year old who feels like she has no fucken life i know is to be so fucken hard and never easy but holy shit its something after another we lose our house last december living here and there and got kicked out cuz that person couldn’t handle my sisters so we get kicked out in the rain then im busting my damn ass to get a damn place for my family and now we are staying else wear were im always having to buy food for 6 fucken people when that money was for work for my lunch or things i needed but no im always buying food or cigs for my dad or stupid shit for this damn family i love them don’t get me wrong but now they wanna make me to my breaking point.

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