August 26th, 2018 by niladri54321

i dont know how to say this but failure always been part of my life.been following this page for 4 years n it gives me strength to survive this harsh world.

i m stuck. all my friends r moving forward n i feel like i m the only one no one gaves a damn my friend started ignoring me i guess bcoz they have jobs n i m still in college have tried to kill myself but i m a coward bcoz i dont want to lose my life like this all i have known is” giving up is not an option” no matter how hard the situation become n all this strenth i have i got it from my momma. i dont have a girlfriend i have no frineds n i m stuck in my life. i dont know what future holds im 24 n i dont know how much more i have to wait to compleate my MBA n to get a job i dont even know how many bad days i have to see n my parents have to suffer for me . i try my best in studies but i dont know how it naver stisfy me i have failed many times bcoz my teacher dont want me to pass my exam but i havent given up i have tried my best n i have cleared my exams withs good numbers. but i still leaves in fear of exam failure i dont know how many failures awaites for me .i dont want anymore failure i jst want to complete my studies n  get a job n lead a normal life but my life my fate have never been by my side it hits me evry time. but i hope every things gonna be okay one day  this hope keeps me alive.hope i havent made u feel bored.

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