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False Empathy

by TakeYourPillsX

When I tried to tell you
so many things,
you claimed—
you knew everything.
Today when there is nothing
left to say,
in your silence I realise,
you knew nothing.
Not a single thing

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1 comment

Yikrens 9/8/2018 - 9:22 am

Could had been really me!
Dare me to put in a defense. Nobody really want to bother about People’s Private and Intimate.. let me use Mechanic’s, Design or the science of Ontology.

It is the general understanding of used in public and private to be a Psychopaths Traits. As single Human evolves also the Psyche does. The good natured will not let the Psyche let take opportunity and withdraw to be, act, behave in its influence. This makes people Introvert, Quiet and Passive.

Bad natured People don’t follow Life my Moral, it follows by what Society makes possible among other and in group and with a Partner. The third person could say reckless, rough and demanding. These will not act for an Attention, rather will they try to Influence for their own Sake and Good-Will.

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