national suicide prevention day

  September 10th, 2018 by numbum

today is the day.

for all your friends & family that have constantly ignored our signs of struggle, to go & talk about how important mental health awarenesss is on social media.

fuck that.

we need to make this a discussion everyday.
we need to break the fucking stigma.

we need to normalize the idea of constant anxiety, depression & suicidal thoughts is something the majority of us deal with.

if i have learnt one thing from this site, it is that we are all battling different demons, together.

we’re all messed up in our own way. but the idea that we can come on here & express it, & be heard by complete strangers, gives me hope.

it gives me faith in humanity.

and it gives me the idea that this shit won’t last forever.

so today, celebrate yourself.
regardless of how you may feel.
celebrate the idea of regardless how close you’ve been to ending it all, you’ve stuck around & have continued to fight.


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