Who here wants to believe in hell?

  September 11th, 2018 by AXYZ

I don’t believe in hell in the literal sense. I do believe certain people live in a mental hell of their own creation, consumed by the hypocrisies and moral conflicts that they will not fix. The priest who molests children, the cop who shoots an innocent person, the list goes on. I believe these people, in their private introspective moments, live in a hell unimaginable.

But that’s not enough for me. There are certain people who need to suffer worse than that. They deserve the fire and brimstone that young children are taught to believe in. But it’s really a child’s tale cooked up to cover up the horrific truth that sometimes bad people win. Period.

I know a lot of people here have suffered terrible abuse, or been bullied, or unfairly targeted by society, government, or just assholes in general. Me personally, I haven’t been victimized, but I see it on a daily basis due to my job. Sometimes I wonder if that’s worse: to be an observer and unable to do anything.

World peace will never exist, unless everyone is turned into a mindless zombie. By the nature of survival, we all victimize others. I would be willing to burn in hell for my crimes, if I could watch those who deserve worse burn hotter. I want hell to exist, even if I’m next in line, just because it would be some indication that there is some sort of justice in the universe.

But so much for children’s tales.

Reality is the worst hell there is. Because it burns without rhyme or reason. And what could be worse than roasting all your life, never knowing your crime?

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