New relief.

  October 6th, 2018 by strawberrycrown

For anyone who has been reading my posts since I joined, would know that I, like many other people on this site, cut myself in desperate times. However, I haven’t in a couple months even when I wanted to. I realised that maybe it isn’t the best/only way to deal with problems and I hope other people can stop too. But the end of one addiction is the beginning of another one and unfortunately for my health, I’ve started smoking about 2 months ago and before that, did it probably once a week for a few months. Not a lot but still I’m doing it. It’s my new way of relieving myself. Sometimes I do worry that there is the chance that I’d get sick but it is unlikely since the most Ive smoked is like 4 in a day. I do not at all suggest this to anyone, but just felt the need to share my change in bad habits, my new relief.

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