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Nothing left to say.

by Yoges

I realize there’s nothing urgent I’ve on my mind that I need to say anymore. My words serve no meaningful purpose. They never convey what I intend to. Whatever is going on in my mind is a storm of nonsense anyways, so why bother convey it through words.

I’ve decided to maintain a nihilist mindset from now on. I’m hardening my heart to remain indifferent to others suffering on my account. I’m burning bridges from this day forth. I still have a few months to playact at life but I’m finally on my way out. From here on, its pure action and no words.

So this may well be my last post. It was a pleasure sharing my deepest secret with you kindred folk. Goodbye and farewell.

P.S. – Perhaps some of us will meet face-to-face in hell, if there is one. Who knows, we might end up huddled together inside a big boiling cauldron labeled ‘Suicide Project Members’. See you, then.

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Lifelong Loser 10/11/2018 - 6:16 pm

Hopefully you’ll check in one final time before you check out, but if not.. Goodbye and good luck, Yoges.

I hope you find peace.

And don’t worry about Hell… It doesn’t exist. It’s just as made-up as all the other nonsense that religions push on people.

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