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Can’t I ever just be enough.

by Snowy

Can’t I just ever be enough? Can’t someone ever tell me my best is good enough? Can’t you ever just got once say your proud of me? I’m not a big fuck up. Well you up there sleeping your words are ringing in my ears, your leaving me because I fuck everything up, I should be thankful that someone like you would ever love someone like me. Well fuck you, might as well be the fuck up you keep telling me. I guess I’ll be finding out tonight what it feels like to die. I hope you’re smart enough to give the dogs away. I know you won’t take care of them. I hate that I can’t hate you enough to figure out how to leave you.

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Cause of Death: Suicide 11/18/2018 - 6:38 pm

“I hope you’re smart enough to give the dogs away.”

I love it.

I actually had to plan to try to get my cat a new home and someone to care for her. But everyone’s so heartless nowaday they’d see her as a “part time job” and not treat her the way they should.. the only being I am sad to leave… I’ve had her since 9 weeks… I don’t know how she will fare without me being her “mommy” ..but cats are solitary nonetheless lucky that she had a friend in me. I didn’t know leaving her would be this hard, because to be honest I was 100% already ready to commit (actually past my date) when I picked her up 3.5 years ago. I mean I’ve had cats before and it’s always somewhat hard to say goodbye but she’s pretty much different like she seems to actually need me

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