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Hmm, 349 days without a drink..

..maybe 350, how much does a couple more hours really matter though? It was an interesting thing, and now over.. Not like I’ve tried, but the last 9 nights has seen to that. Last night’s was a half bottle of Jack and couple flutes of cheap Champaign. I celebrated, watching reruns of the Larry Sanders show and half-heartedly alphabetizing my record collection. Pretty spectacular evening. Happy New Year!

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Soda 1/2/2019 - 1:20 am

I remember I tried smoking as a teenager and I realized I liked it a lot and was terrified of getting addicted. I thought about wanting to smoke all the time.

I read somewhere that it takes a few days for the chemicals to get out of your system and the rest is psychological and takes about 6 months to get over. After a few months of quitting cold turkey I totally lost the desire to smoke and I was quite relieved.

I knew if I had more I wouldn’t want to quit. My siblings didn’t have the same willpower and they were addicted for many years and only now have basically quit (in their 40s).

As for alcohol, I really enjoy certain drinks like JD and champagne also, vodka and others (though I hate beer) but I have no addiction to it so I’m able to drink in moderation. Perhaps it’s all a genetic thing. My dad was the same, he drank once in a blue moon but had no addiction to it.

I’m guessing in your case that’s great you didn’t drink for nearly a year so perhaps you have it totally under control. I see nothing wrong in having one occasionally so long as it doesn’t take over your life.

I just hung out with family for New Years, we had a nice time. Happy new year to you also.

Hopefully this year will be a turning point to a better life for some of us, I am really going to try to make a change and get back into the strong physical shape I used to be in.

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