6 years ive been on here, im done explaining

  March 14th, 2019 by sgiksw

biding my time. If anyone wants to talk privately or be a friend, let me know asap. I tend to not check here a lot. I have private secure email which i ask the same of you too. Im wondering what is the best way to discrete,y go about something. I feel like this place is watched. Watche dby paychologists, ha, yeah pay, and god knows who else. I know its time for me now.


Im not worth investing in.

no one cares enough to help me financially to get well. And make my qulaity of life better.

Only one person would miss me.


i wish i could read my comments ive made to others posts. Years ago.


i see, of the 12 posts ive made here, not one oerson has replied to me. Guess suicide really is a selfish thing.

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