My thoughts on friendship….

  March 11th, 2019 by Looser_4ever

I’m supposedly a friendly guy, well at least that’s what the people I know tells me. But I think it’s a lie.

Right now I’m waiting for my college to start on June, and the weird part is my whole weeks almost a month passes by before I talk or chat with any of my friends. Normally I reply or call back immediately after someone contacts me. 

I also think that I myself am a friendly person, i always try to help my friends whenever they ask for it.

And i feel awful when I find myself all by myself, no friends to hangout with, i mean have taken initiatives to make a plan for hanging out with my so-called friends, but no luck in that, and whenever I call my friends just to chat they say they are busy and will call back, but they never do. It’s like the forces of nature is telling me that I’m not worth the time better just stop trying to call.

So from now I have decided that I will never try to make any friends myself. Hell I even go to movies all by myself, so why not right? What do you guys think?

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