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all cliches false bullshit

by tiredunluckyasf

i went through lots of shit. im the unluckiest person alive. i lost my parents. i lost my best friend. im always being bullied, and was borned with an ugly face and being autist and bipolar doesnt help. and when i always searching in the net, they just saying it gets better, just hard work(yes and i didnt mentioned business fails, its pathetic) and other stuff. they act they know the other person. and what if im  cant be happy? what?  i know i should be dead. and i will do it, but i just needed it, for last time.

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ashadow 7/17/2019 - 1:24 pm

Even with a solid plan, it still takes a lot of luck for a startup to actually take off. I think most people have at least one failed business who go off on their own, it’s not pathetic.

Many people have a bootstrap mentality, just keep going and eventually things will work out. Unfortunately sometimes a person’s all isn’t actually enough on their own, I would say most of the time it isn’t. Which of course makes it more difficult to get anywhere lacking help.

Life is hard, you’ve lived it. It just can get better, given the right opportunities. Yet hard to hang on to things we aren’t sure even exist, I know that.

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