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so much fun

by silvermoon

i give up on people and life

struggled how many years alone with no family on disability unseen by this world. can barely leave my apt. some days. i struggle out the side door, live with predators and bullies and the worst of humanity. try and relate to someone all they care about is me giving them a plastic cup back when i didn’t even remember it was in my hand. i forgot humans only care about their stuff not you .

fell for a narcissist and he manipulated, came back to talk for hours then threw me away like trash again, my “best friend” backbited me gossiped and didn’t have guts to apologise to me. i lie here with no one to talk to my brain torments me and so much fear. no one here truly cares for anyone, dark horrible thoughts, noise comes and harms me, try and talk to people and they talk over me, medical marijuana will that save her baby soul and vagina? if you die they say  you are evil and will go to hell funny i find no humanity, looked up a post about shitty people someone posted something so gross, i forgot humans are backstabbers pedos and evil to the core half of them at least. i only meet the worst i have zero hope they’ll judge you after you die look at marilyn monroe still kicking her around

humans you are depraved evil and disgusting and i am tired of the darkness. no one cared for her except to kick her around. you can blame me and call me a victim like the whiny millenial i tried to correct he had a horrible attitude and called me a fucking stupid b—- guess thats the world today, you cant correct the little sociopaths on their cell phones, ive been threatened by the narc who loved me and the backstabbing friend’s daughter who was no friend at all her husband flirted with me

i feel filthy degraded afte rmy own father hurting me no help helps god is cruel and leaves you to rot im tired of praying to be good enough nothing fixes her nor ever will all i see is the pain and the darkn now and the worst of it

judge me, please do, thank you world, goodbye to you some day very soon and then my peace and oh yes lets not forget stigma and discrimination try and get people to rent to you with ptsd, hahahaha

bye fuckers

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rocketman 8/18/2019 - 7:08 pm

Sorry things are so bad, hope something good happens for a change.

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