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by Wisp

not suicide related

I feel that everyone else is somewhat agile. I’m only a bit agile when I wear closed in trainers, it seems. Everyone else can get out of a ferris wheel car unassisted, no problem. But when I tried, I felt like I couldn’t balance and I didn’t want to fall. and my boyfriend had to help me get out (he held my arm). Yeah I don’t really expect to be able to climb certain things like my boyfriend can but this is ridiculous. I bet he’s secretly laughing at my bad balance…

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shatterediris 8/22/2019 - 8:40 pm

I actually openly laugh at faults of people I care about, because I love those faults…. So maybe he didn’t even notice your balance problems?
I actually am in a weird place with agility and balance, I’m very agile and my balance is pre good too at least for a person who has spent no serious time training either…. I can navigate unsteady ground just fine, can stand on things that will wobble around just fine…. But walking on flat land I trip over my own feet. xD But I can run down a rocky hillside just fine….
Sorry for the ramble…. I’m sure you’re probably far more worried about this than other people are, and your boyfriend probably just wanted to hold your arm after the ferris wheel ride.

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