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Screwing up even there.

by T3R3Z1

Sorry guys,

I know I’m rough, I know I’m not nice, I know I’m an asshole. Yes, I could be more respectful, nicer. I have the ability to. But I’m just so frustrated with life I’d say fuck you to everyone. That’s how I cope with depression, and I know being friendly  w o n t help. I know your life sucks, well mine does to, and I can do absolutely nothing about it!


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Hope Dream Love 8/5/2019 - 8:21 am

Yeah your last post was a bit abrupt but I can’t completely blame you. It was a good question. And when I’m depressed and somethings really bothering me it shows itself as anger around others. Then I’ll go off by myself and cry, but people don’t see that. All they see is the anger. Depression pisses me off, and I’ll yell at people and won’t even realize it. The apology was nice though:).

T3R3Z1 8/6/2019 - 7:55 am

It’s not really an apology, cause I don’t think I’ve hurt anyone. More like telling people that I know I was acting in a not so reasonable way.

rocketman 8/5/2019 - 9:35 am

I’m not judging you, I don’t even think you are an asshole, people that are fed up handle things differently some strike out at others and also being friendly w o n t help their problems, but you do have a choice of being friendly or not, it wouldn’t help your problems but it wouldn’t hurt either so given that choice why pick the latter? 🙂

T3R3Z1 8/6/2019 - 7:46 am

Cause it’s easier; being rough on people, having some kind of sarcastic tone, I dunno, it feels better. Being friendly feels bad, people are still assholes, they don’t care about how nice you are.

rocketman 8/6/2019 - 8:17 am

It’s OK to have a sarcastic tone in a funny way or being rough on people also long as it’s meant in their best interest, nobody likes a yes man their no help at all, I don’t know? I generally had out what I’m given, but also on here kind of careful not to make people feel worse then they already do.

T3R3Z1 8/6/2019 - 7:49 am

Oh really? They deleted my post! As I said I’m rough, but I’m not insulting anyone. Karma.

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