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i want her to live

by lostcase

i don’t know what to do anymore, so, i met this friend of mine last semester of my senior year. somehow we became close very close, however, she had to go forever to another country. we stayed in touch and we kept on talking every single day. she is now my best best friend, the best one i have ever had. At even sometimes thought i liked her even more but it’s not m topic. we both had our shit and every time we are there for each other she’d comfort me and calm me and id do the same for her. it’s been two years since we graduated and she still didn’t go to uni because of exam thingys, she doesn’t have friends in that country, and she lives with her parents. she keeps getting sad, every time she’s in a dark episode it gets so hard for her. i’m insanely panicky all the time, i want her to live i want her to stay, i wanna save money i wanna see her, she’s amazing ad she needs to live. but i feel so selfish saying that, feeling that. i can’t just let her go i can’t no way. she must fight i know for a fact that of things change she’ll feel better. she needs friends and something to occupy her, i find her very strong to fight all this loneliness tbh. i don’t know what to do, she wont get therapy she cant tell her parents, and im always scared ill lose her, i feel sad that she is sad. i can’t convince her that it’ll get better when she can’t see a future for herself. what do u think i should do? i wish i could go see her sooooo much but im broke and even if i wasnt i need a visa. i wish i could hug her.


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Teresa's Child 10/13/2019 - 1:21 pm

This kind of thing is tough. Just keep in touch. Sometimes even a voice in the dark can be a blessing.

lostcase 10/16/2019 - 2:19 am

i shall do that. i hope it actually helps..

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