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Its so sad how I like you

by Itscolourlife

Today you save me again

Why you always come and save me when im at my limit
Why you always give me hope and light
Why I cant let you go

Even tho I always try to forget you
Even tho I try to suppress this feeling
At the end I always end up reaching you

Sometimes you look like you dont care about me
Sometimes you chat and ask about me
You keep gping back and forth

Why we have different principal and life
But why we like each other
Why I just lke you more and more
Why you like me
And we know if we are together
Nothing good will come

Can I just have you for a night
I want to love you with all of me
Feeling you in my arms
Smiling amd holding your hands

Thank you for saving me today
Holding your hand and arm
Walking with you like couple
Can make me happy and feel calm

Before I die
I want you

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