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I’m Worthless

by imahgoat

So, I have always had problems finding myself in life. I just don’t know what to do anymore… I am running out of options.

I have literally tried everything and I realize how badly I suck at something and just leave and give up. I can never commit to something because I’m so self-conscious and I just want to find my footing.

Right now, I’m stuck at my job, constantly being berated by my boss that may end. I don’t feel like I have enough confidence to try and find another job. I feel like I’m trapped. I just turned 26. I could have been married and settled in my career… But instead I’m just sitting at home, wallowing in my misery.

At this point, I feel like just dying. I have no reason to live. Plus, as an organ donor, I feel like my organs will better benefit someone who can actually do something better with their life than I ever will.

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