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Tears and Stars

by Sorrow101

Sometimes, after a single tear dries, a stain is left to mark its place. A constant and forever reminder of what was lost.
Ive had that tear. I am that stain.
Each and every night tears fall like small stars. They weave themseves through the fabrics of time, each day to the next, allowing me to pass into the next day without passing into the next life.
Sometimes i wish i could just close my eyes, even if for a moment; to reopen them again in some far distant galaxy, far from everything that has brought me here.
I have always wondered; What comes next, after this life.
Do I believe in heaven, or Hell?
There has to be something more, something in the vast of space that I can call home.. or my own. A place with no sorrow. A place where my soul can be free.
Sleep is blissful. Your own world were you are in control.
The days of yesterday are forgotten and tomorrow never comes.
In the darkest hours of night as the tears flow down I look up to the stars and wonder: Why can’t the stars always shine and the Earth reside forever in darkness.
To look upon the stars is Human. To touch the stars, thats God.
To touch those stars would be the last tear, the last stain.
Soon. Soon those stars will be touchable. I will leave this plane and walk among them.
Soon I will erase these stains and escape this pain.
Soon I will lose all these sorrows.
Soon, but with the coming of another day, its not soon enough.


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JitWTL 2/12/2020 - 3:24 pm

There are many sorrows and trials in this life. So true. Another truth- yes there is heaven and hell. In heaven, there Will be no more pain no more sorrow. There will only be bliss! The place where God resides will be filled with love and no memories of suffering will be there.
I want you to be there but not at your own hand. Look in the Bible for answers and truth. John 3:16 is a great verse to start with. God bless you and help you through your struggles!

headupunderdarkcloud 2/12/2020 - 7:42 pm


quaero 2/14/2020 - 7:48 am

I think we have only this life and nothing else. What we can do is, like you mentioned, live sleep like: yesterday gone forever. Tomorrow never comes. Only today. Whatever it brings, stays in today and buries in today.
Though mind doesn’t really work that way, otherwise we would all naturally live that way and it would appear common sense instead of wisdom.

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