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At Least

by ashadow

At least he’s not suffering, in pain.
At least he doesn’t have to worry anymore.
At least he’s not here to pay witness to the next worst thing, wonder what else could fall apart. He doesn’t have to prepare or feel himself disintegrating. At least he doesn’t have to grieve his self.

At least he’s not here anymore, because he couldn’t heal and he didn’t deserve to rot alive, to feel every betrayal of his body.

At least he was. loved, cherished, looked after. Not alone even through dark nights of the soul. Forgiven when he fell.
At least he was.

For all that was, now he is surely missed.
GNU, because I miss you and you’re part of my living fabric. Because I miss you and I missed you while you were here.
At least.
At least I met you.

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