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How are you?

by TheChimeraMonster

I have been having a depressed episode for a while now, so, I am back in here. I’m just asking bc its sad to be alone these times, and maybe some of you just want to hear/read it. so…

Have you been well? are you healthy? Have you been taking care of yourself?

I know we all feel that no ones really care, but, if even for a moment, i can care about you a little bit, will it make it better for you?
These lonely days have been hard, i know it. I know it, I know the pain, the loneliness, the despair, i know it.
I really know it. But can i know you? the you behind all this pain? just a little bit? even if it is just to get an “it have been the worst day” or “Goodbye”?


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Deadstar7 3/25/2020 - 9:32 pm

Sometimes beyond the pain isn’t something any of us can see. That’s the point of us all being here isn’t it? Trying to see something other than the pain, to feel anything other than all of those negative emotions made into one enthralling and terrifying rabbit hole we can’t seem to slow down or see the end of.
But a lot of us are probably wrong about no one caring. I think we all care for each other, because we all know exactly what this feels like. That’s why we come here. Trying to find some post or comment we really relate to, so there’s proof we aren’t alone.

TheChimeraMonster 3/27/2020 - 9:48 am


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