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by Wisp

I’m sorry if my post looks like some kind of virtue signalling.
As if it wasn’t already bad enough. Now the rates of domestic violence, mental illness, and other things are going to go through the roof. People are already killing themselves due to the lockdowns and isolation.
People are losing everything, their jobs, and they can’t even go and visit others (depends on the lockdown severity).

And yes it amazes me (but it shouldn’t) on how easily people are controlled. Humanity is such a failure!
I’m not denying the severity of corona though.
That’s as far as I’ll write.

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Abnormal.Thoughts 4/13/2020 - 12:38 am

I fully understand why suicide and depression is spiking through this. Everyone is being affected differently but anyone that has lost a job, a person, or is feeling disconnected is at serious risk if they were already suicidal. So many people get through suicidal ideation on normal days but when you start throwing grenades at their moderately stable life it is a recipe for disaster.
I don’t know about everywhere, but America needs a better healthcare system in general and mental healthcare needs a serious overhaul. How many of us can’t afford therapy or don’t have insurance?

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