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Today, on this website, someone said that everyone is sad.

I fell on that person that was convinced that, after reading the rants of all the people here, that every person on this platform was sad, and that was why they were here.

I do not agree (but I understand their point of view and I respect it), simply because I am the proof that their theory is not true. I am here today, and even if I have my own problems, I am not sad, I am happy even.

And I am not here to rub that fact in everyone’s face. Each of us is different and here for their own reason and here is mine.

I am here to be a presence.

A shadow, a whisper, whatever you want me to be.

I am here to read raw and pure emotions, to feel them, to understand, to remind myself of my fight and the fights of each one of the people on the planet, some of them being there.

I am here for all the people on this platform to feel like someone is there.

The idea of someone watching and caring, understanding and not judging. Because I know from experience that sometimes, receving nothing, being forgotten, people not even giving a ounce of their attention (sometimes even people we care about), is one of the hurtful thing ever.

Feeling like nobody care, and being here, all alone, believing we are not enough.

I am here to be the someone of someone.

For people to feel like someone is being there.

Just a presence.

So, no. I am not sad, I am many things, positive and negative, but I am not sad.

And it is okay, for me and for you, to feel that way or to not feel that way.

Just remember (even if you want to snap at me for what I am going to say, and even if you don’t believe me, someday you will know what I am talking about.), that someone, is going to be, or is already, here. Caring and wondering about you. Even if it is not right now, someone will come, and I am only here to prove that.

Today, I am here, and tomorrow there will be your person.

I am only a bridge.

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