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by 15andfuckedup

These thoughts, they just get buried within us, with time. They dig their own grave. But they’re not dead, they’re just chilling inside the coffin aka our mind. And the more we try to fight them, the weaker we become. I used to believe that these dark feelings get powerful with time but no, it’s us who become weaker. Because let’s face it, as we fight with these thoughts, the mind turns into a battlefield. And amid this ongoing war, we lose control because the thing at stake is, control, it’s the kingdom that the thoughts wanna take over. So we turn full war-ready, forgetting the fact that it doesn’t matter who wins this battle, because in the end, it’s our mind who has to witness and carry dozens of dead corpses called feelings. It’s our mind who was innocent but now has become pure evil.

Okay, so we’ve lost the war and with that, we’ve lost control too. Keep it up, fellas.

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mitch1547 6/4/2020 - 9:13 pm

I wish we could erase parts of our mind (memories)

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