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Fairy Tale

by just_some_extra

Hair as dark as ebony.
Lips as red as wild berries.
Skin as pale as the silver moon.
A wonderful sight to behold, truly.

A goddess among many;
a kind-hearted soul to boot.
Thy is what many would call
beautiful, Snow White.
Though, life…
is far from a fairy tale.

I wish I was as gentle as her.
I wish I wasn’t such an eye sore to others.
I wish I had her worth.

I wish I was her.

I shan’t touch her silky
and delicate skin
for I will taint it with my dirty hands.

I shan’t breathe her air
for I will pollute it with my filth.

I shan’t be her
for I can never replace her worthiness
that rests before her feet.

All I can do is wish upon a star,
or maybe even rub an oil lamp.
But deep down inside,
I know that I can never
live up to her.

Deep down inside,
I know that I am not
living in some kind of
fairy tale.

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