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i guess here is a little backstory from a reddit post i made, i don’t usually give context

by Rationalist-Pragmatist

This is about someone I know though, but it gives some backstory on why I’m here. I feel most people here think it’s not worth it to share their stories, or too hard. Read if you want. So long story short my mom is an incredibly fucked up broken person who can’t drive hasn’t had a job since she was 40 anxious obsessive compulsive chain-smoking paranoid-avoidant depressive greedy selfish sadistic masochistic etc. you name it who abused manipulated stole from lied to and didn’t feed me when I was a kid… She’s not exactly… Aware? of what’s going on around her? She’s.. She’s fucked up, idk, anyways at 15 I was essentially abducted by a sociopath whose landlord had gotten fed up with him and told his wife about the way he really is etc. long story short she’s a little slow in the head and ended up coming back to him because she was naïve to the true nature of the man and she couldn’t handle the kids… This guy essentially tricked her into being his wife so he could have kids and live off of child support, and even told me he married her in a parking lot… But yeah this dude asked my neurotic mom to move in with him because our shithole apartment at the time was filled with mold and made it look like he was concerned and basically since my mom is fucked in the head she was paying half the rent the whole time we were there while he his wife, and four kids were living there… Yeah, as you can tell, this is only the tip of the iceberg. He kept on trying to like… make me his servant? And of course would constantly intimidate and threaten me, was disproportionately fixated on me, a 15 year old boy… This man was sick. I can still feel the aura of his evil suffocating me, when I think back to those moments…

But anyway, that’s not what any of this is about. While I was there, he had this son. Now I can’t explain why I behaved the way I did. Partially because I was scared for my life and knew that if I called social services on my mom and this guy I’d have nowhere else to go, and I am incredibly prideful and would rather die than live with someone other than my own mother, even is she is sick and abusive… I also have autism… It doesn’t matter. For whatever reason I tolerated it to the extent that I was powerless cause my mom was oblivious to being used and was an abuser herself. I think my brain just burned out from all the stress so I just had no choice but to wade out the horror story expecting someone would intervene at some point, because I couldn’t stay there forever, right? This guy was so obviously insane, I figured it would resolve itself by some adult coming along and doing something about it. Anyway that didn’t happen.

As for his kids, they were all disconnected from reality. They behaved in an oblivious, domineering, obnoxious way that irked EVERYBODY around them, and yet they were impervious to any capacity for self reflection on their behavior e.g. they were unaware that their dad was a sociopath and unaware of their own behavior. When I first met one of his kids she came into my room and started touching my things are tearing the place apart like a tornado while I just sat there in disbelief and watched. She was a little monster. They had no sense of boundaries. BUT back to the point…

His son and I would chill and play video games while I waited for the situation to blow over. I was horrified with how unaware of their situation they were. Once he brought some friends from school over and his dad started talking to them and they just left after being held hostage in an awkward creepy conversation for half an hour and said “OKAY… We’re never coming back here again“… And yet still he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Yeah, he’s not very smart. Or… He’s not an idiot, he, just, THEY, all had problems processing that their dad was, what he was.

Fast forward several years and his dad has died. He contacted me on social media and eventually told me about how he had a mental breakdown when his dad died and they put him or some antidepressants and they REALLY fucked his brain up. Let me just say… He has a narrow view of reality. But it wasn’t his choice. Like I said he’s not stupid. But I met him recently to go pick something up from someone else I know in my old town. And he has Schizotypal Personality Disorder. When I stand close to him, I can feel his negative energy. When were driving on the road, he swerved at the last second onto the road going off the freeway to avoid “a demon”. He wasn’t messing with me either. And I guess just over the years, despite how… Just how fucked beyond all repair all this is. He genuinely views me as a friend. He didn’t know his dad was abusing me. It was so fucking crazy. It was happening right under their noses and they said nothing.

I guess my takeaway is that when we got back and I texted him he responded “By the way I can tell you really hate me. But thanks for trying to be nice”.

And he was right. I did hate him, kind of.

And we continued to talk for a little while and he sounded like he was about to cry. And now I just feel bad for him. He needs help. And he told me all this stuff about how he got kicked out of the military because of the way he was acting when his dad died and they had him committed to a mental institution. He isn’t a bad guy. He’s just naïve. And what would you do in his position? He also said “It’s hard to fit in with everybody else when I’m so different.” “Unique.”

And now he’s just been ignoring my messages. It’s been months.

And now he’s lost one of his only real friends. It actually makes me physically sick to say this, but we kinda “grew up” together, despite how fucked up his family was and what they did to me, we played video games and smoked weed together, and sometimes we even laughed together… It’s fucked up. It’s wrong to leave him alone and I don’t thin anybody else is going to help him. He needs therapy but I don’t think he understands what happened to him. He is Schizotypal but he doesn’t believe he is. I don’t know what to do.

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