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What makes me sad LIST

by Itscolourlife

When i fail to do something
When my fam keep talking bad about me
When my fam talking laughing without me
When someone i love dont love me back
When i want to eat but i keep thinking about my weight
When i cant sleep at night
When someone tell me that its just normal stress
When my fam tell me a method to die
When someone talk like they know about me so well
When they say do this and this but they dont help me
When they dont know what i really feel but keep judging me
When he try but i know its a fake6q
When someone lie
When they tell me to keep smiling like shit its my feeling
When they try to control what i do
When they keep cursing me all day all night
When i think about my joyful day
When i think about that jerk fu i wish you die
When someone tell me im strong because they dont know the real me
When you care so much about the other but dont care that much about me
When you lie
When you look at me wisth disgusted eyes
When i look at my fat
When its night and i cant stop thinking about my past
When i cant let go my past happiness
When i keep thinking i should do this or that in the past
When i regret so much thing

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a1957 8/16/2020 - 12:26 am

A lot of us here lost the emotional reserves for dealing well with “normal stress “. I certainly haven’t dealt well with “normal stress”. For some normal stresses I am sure I never will.

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