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living in a small town sucks

by Wisp

Like many, I can’t just ‘move away’. Also rentals are really hard to find, and real estate agents tend to be you know what, so many people prefer to rent privately, I guess. But I’m in temporary social housing right now anyway. Yeah great, way to feel secure! Great, my post just sounds like a whole lot of complaining.
Anyway, in small towns, word gets around. So if I appear visibly agitated one day (I try to hide it………) then word will get around. I mean, word can get around anyway, even if it’s not even true. And then people will believe it. And that’s it.
I’m sick of my neighbour next door randomly sitting in his car and randomly spending time ‘working on his car’, sometimes for hours. The car runs and drives, what is he doing? All my neighbours irritate me. Oh well. They shouldn’t annoy me, because they technically don’t. They keep to themselves. I feel like I’m being watched all the time and listened to. I guess I’m being paranoid again.
Anyway, word has probably gotten around about me by now. I wish I could go and hide forever. I figure nobody here likes me at all. Well I’m not really asking to be liked anyway. If I’m just neutral it’s better. Oh well. When will I die from being miserable? 😛

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LoveDogs 10/21/2020 - 8:51 pm

Well, I for one like you!!

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