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Nobody cares until you’re already dead

by niki

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heartlessviking 1/20/2021 - 4:32 pm

arguably, they never actually care about YOU, the person, the personality, the memories. that humans have value is a convenient lie that people tell their children so they grow up to keep the machine going. we don’t want accountability, or people actually pushing for better. Next thing you know they want reasonable expectations from others, and that is something that the world absolutely has denied me, and will probably deny you.

Don’t lie though and pretend that people will like you better when you’re gone. They’ll like the mythos they construct in your place; a static collection of their interpretation of what they remember of you.

Once 1/20/2021 - 6:10 pm

Clearly the dead are important – hence, a police escort to the cemetery in such a fine vehicle…and you get to run red lights, because as a dead person, it’s important to make good time and have a security detail.

whatxamxi 1/20/2021 - 7:25 pm

No one thinks it’s “that serious” until you’re blue.

fxd45tsp 1/21/2021 - 4:04 pm

Anyone becomes the most popular ever when they die. All these various peoples will gather at the funeral. To keep some image of themselves that they care. But while we live, they will stay away like the plague. Cannot be bothered to see the living, only the dead. Because you see them once then done forever. One less problem/responsibility to deal with. Even the state want its cut: your family needs to fill-out one last income tax and pay whatever is owned.

But the best part is: they cannot get you back for something you did while living. Haha, so really, who has the last laugh? Leaving them a surprise, hmmm. Now, if they ever found a way to bring back the dead…

darkwillow 1/21/2021 - 11:32 pm

I bet there several people you care deeply for but dont tell them so. Whether its because you dont see them anymore or you’re not open to them about emotions.. I guess its always important to let those around us know we care. Or they’ll think no one does.

Patheticloser 1/22/2021 - 12:11 am

I am the exception, I know that know one will care for me even if I die. I am that worthless.

Patheticloser 1/22/2021 - 12:11 am

*no not know

BIGRICH 1/22/2021 - 12:39 am

karmicretribution@aol.com if you ever need to chat

BIGRICH 1/22/2021 - 12:40 am

karmicretribution@ aol.com if you wanna chat

Patheticloser 1/22/2021 - 1:34 am

sent mail

a1957 1/23/2021 - 3:08 pm

“They always lit up the room when they walked in…” Yeah right. For a good laugh George Carlin – Death on you tube covers all the usual stupid stuff said after some one dies.

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