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I don’t know if you’re still here. I can’t claim to understand what your deal is. But it doesn’t matter– I could have, and should’ve handled that differently regardless of who you are. I feel like you were playing games with us here and that’s not appropriate, but maybe you couldn’t help yourself, but I still think that’s no excuse to act that way. No one wants to watch someone abandon their self respect and mutilate themselves. I know if anywhere were to be the place for that to be acceptable it would seem to be here. But it isn’t. And if we look at things honestly, that’s part of the reason why the site is like it is now. So many of us did the same in front of everyone else, and just kicked up drama and the mods got sick of it. I’m a hypocrite like the rest, but after all this time I’ve finally realized things aren’t just as simple as giving up and deciding to die. There’s a lot more to it than that. Don’t know what else to say. I’m not gonna give some lame motivational speech that nobody wants to hear or will listen to. Sorry guys. Bye.


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theo 1/22/2021 - 11:49 pm

I just want nothing bad to happen to the posters here. You can still find kill_me’s story, you just have to dig for it.

It’s confusing to you, but I fight for my friends. You are considered a friend, too.

Abnormal.Thoughts 1/23/2021 - 11:13 am

What was the name of the post? Or a link to it? Then we can all be on the same page.
Just going to point out that this seems mildly passive aggressive.

postal 1/29/2021 - 4:38 am

The post was deleted.

thedevilisclose 1/29/2021 - 3:02 pm

but you said you could find it. if you can find it then where is it?

theo 1/22/2021 - 11:51 pm

I mean, you’re a friend if you aren’t the type to “troll” me.

theo 1/22/2021 - 11:53 pm

Or show up uninvited…

Idfk anymore, I'm just here I guess 1/23/2021 - 10:41 am

Oh brother. Theo you need medication dude. The only reason I wrote you an apology was because I was thinking of how unstable I got on here and how I wished people knew I wasn’t in control of my actions. But this is just ridiculous. I’m gonna be honest with you, at this point you could be fined with harassment. My advice is to go to a doctor before you end up getting dragged to one.

postal 1/29/2021 - 4:35 am

It was a joke 🙂 don’t take it literally

thedevilisclose 1/29/2021 - 3:01 pm

uh huh im sure it was

postal 1/30/2021 - 12:34 am

Lol Like what? 😉 you can’t relate to sticking up for your friends – or hating how your friends show up uninvited – it was a light joke –

Ironic how best wishes were about not trolling yet the devil is close and doing just that ;D

thedevilisclose 1/29/2021 - 7:08 pm

also….postal….why are you answering for theo?

postal 1/30/2021 - 12:34 am


postal 1/30/2021 - 12:37 am

If I were talking to myself in an alley and screaming “stop following me” at you , a complete stranger – would you argue with me or show kindness and scream profanities – some of this is kind of mean – where if i saw something off i would show kindness, personally

thedevilisclose 1/30/2021 - 12:15 pm

I’ve seen the things you’ve been saying. don’t bullshit me. Kindness? That’s why you’ve been harassing people for months right? Doing nothing but causing suicidal people more problems for stuff they didn’t even do, that’s kindness? Pushing someone to the point the they want to kill themselves? Really?

Also a bit mean? Coming from the one being passive aggressive I’m sure is nothing but pure irony.

1/22/2021 – 11:51 pm
I mean, you’re a friend if you aren’t the type to “troll” me.

1/22/2021 – 11:53 pm
Or show up uninvited…

It’s obvious what you’re talking about you haven’t shut up about it for months. You’re the one that’s been trolling, I asked basic questions. Making a “joke” about something that didn’t happen and even worse that you’ve been haressing the person for months about, isn’t a joke. You’ve been a really mean human being lately.

Also I’m going to go back to why did you answer for theo? You didn’t answer the question and I find it interesting that (like most people would have) you didn’t just say “oops sorry thought it was my post” instead you try to turn it around on me?

Please stop playing victim because you aren’t one. Postal = Theo it’s obvious and why they haven’t gotten rid of your double account yet I have no idea. Why you’re still here after all the problems you’ve caused, I have no idea. But you’ve probably killed an innocent girl with all your bullshit, happy now?

Oh and one more thing. I found it interesting that the story “you” posted about being abused had a picture of a guys arm. And yet you told a more recent story where you had put on makeup and someone called you a prostitute. That doesn’t make much sense. In one story you’re a guy and in another a girl, Im finding this rather interesting, and I’m thinking literally nothing you say can be trusted. You come here mostly posting bs that has nothing to do with mental health and the stuff you do post is…. Well God knows what’s fake and what isn’t and while you’re here not even contributing to the community, you’re haressing other members that did nothing to you. Seriously, other then being a troll, why are you here?

postal 1/30/2021 - 12:38 am

Nice apology, though. Thank you at least.

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