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What is the cure for depression?

by eternaldarkness

How do we stop being depressed?

I’ve been searching for that answer for over 3 decades… -_-


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just_a_person 2/9/2021 - 8:16 pm

I genuinely have no clue but I’d be more than happy to know so I could actually fix myself and not be a depressed person till the day I die. That’s literally the dream, to not be depressed.

system 2/9/2021 - 8:57 pm

Unless your depression is 100% situational and not the result of a depressive disorder, there’s no “cure”. You can minimize the amount of episodes you have, manage anxiety, etc by going into treatment, group therapy, individual therapy, doing DBT, CBT, EMDR if you have trauma, and of course medication.

Mf 2/9/2021 - 10:29 pm

Gotta agree with system on this one: if it is situational you can “cure it” by fixing the source of it, i do think it kinda changes you forever and you’re never quite the same tho, but that’s another topic. If it is more of an endogenous source you can find coping mechanisms and manage it depending on how much is situational and how much is biological (my belief is that even endogenous depression has a situational component, that often triggers the biological/genetic parts).

That’s just a theory tho, backed by the fact that i’m posting on sp after a few years of being on and off depression, lol.

Once 2/9/2021 - 11:15 pm

For the most part it’s only manageable. There are lots of things you can try to do to relieve symptoms, such as proper diet and some kind of exercise. If I remember correctly Eternal you had a foot injury, so that could be a challenge, but exercise can help. Avoid caffeine and sugar in excess, they both can create horrifying symptoms. AVOID THE NEWS. Watching the news nowadays is like wondering why you have a headache after you smacked yourself in the head with a baseball bat – it WILL make you miserable. If you’re so inclined, mindfulness meditation is helpful, as it teaches perspective and awareness of how to “let things go.”

Managing depression isn’t easy work. It requires constant vigilance and attention, just like managing diabetes or many other diseases. If you’ve been researching the condition for 3 decades, I guaran-damn tee you that you’ve already heard all I just said many times before, because I’ve been searching for the answer for about the same period of time. My depression is caused by my pessimism. I have the most negative inner dialogue…I pretty much despise myself and so have been insulting and dismissing myself since…forever. I know your frustration, Eternal, I get it. Here’s the thing though – it’s a lot of work, but there are steps you can take to manage it, you just gotta believe that, with some effort, things will change. It’s difficult, and sometimes the positive results don’t last long and you have to repeat steps that work for you. It’s a cancer that will rob you of yourself, and like cancer, or a common cold, it requires work and patience to deal with. I’ve got that Sapolsky video you posted downloaded for viewing, just haven’t watched it yet. I want to see it badly. Consider therapy, talking things out can help. I know you have a negative attitude towards therapy, but there are aspects of it that are beneficial, even if all you’re doing is spilling your guts to a stranger. These people earn a living listening to us whine and cry, so hey…take advantage. Getting things off your chest and out of your heart is helpful. It really is. In the normie world, it’s just called plain old “venting”, you know!
Pull up some vids about mindfulness meditation, and try looking beyond the goofy new-age looking ponytail wearing sandaled gurus and their “eternal” happy smiles and annoying dispositions, and give it a shot if you haven’t already. It can really help. But remember, none of these tricks cure it, and beware of anyone who says it’s curable. At best, it’s manageable. Sorry for the long reply, but while I don’t know much about much of anything, I do know a little about managing this festering pile of crap called depression. I was diagnosed 26 years ago, after having symptoms since my teen years. I can keep it at bay, and I think that’s the best I’ll ever do…but it takes work, if you’re up to it.

Jesus I’ll shutup now. Who the heck pulled my chain? Oh, yeah, you did! 😉

eternaldarkness 2/10/2021 - 6:32 pm

It’s depressing knowing/thinking my depression will likely NEVER go away. I hear what you’re saying about “managing” depression. There were periods in my life when it wasn’t *as* bad. but sigh. It never fucking goes away… and things are bad now. rea
lly, really bad. I hate my life. I fucking hate it.

Once 2/10/2021 - 8:26 pm

Eternal, my friend…if I could have my way, I’d drag you to a therapist. You need to speak with someone. It may help, it may not, but it’s sounding like you’re extremely frustrated and angry. Therapists are paid and trained to take our psychological “shit.” I believe you’re here venting because you want help, and while you’d LIKE to die, you’re here spilling your guts because a part of you wants help and doesn’t want to die…I am in the same place, friend. There’s not a lot you can tell a therapist that will shock or frighten them, and you are ripe for release – there’s stuff inside you that is slowly strangling you. You’re fighting it, by pouring out your thoughts here, and while it may not seem like much, you’re heading in the right direction by opening up. Please seriously consider a therapist, counselor, some kind of support group, something. It may not help. They may just tell you to “think positive thoughts”, but the anger you’re repressing is not good. I have anger and rage issues too, and have to honestly admit that I don’t know if any kind of therapy would ever totally fix them – but in FORCING myself to go and sit there exposing my damaged soul to a stranger, I’ve learned that there are ways of coping, of understanding the reasons why I’m a misanthrope. The most important thing I’ve learned is that until you vent some of what’s eating you, nothing will change. Nothing. Make a therapist earn their pay. They choose their profession for a reason, and if you don’t like them, you don’t have to continue going, but if you give one an honest try, you may find some relief, my friend. We have a form of cancer, and to quote Simon and Garfunkel, “silence, like a cancer, grows.”

Your frustration at yourself and life is palpable – you’re hurting badly, and it’s time to take your pain to another human, because it’s the only way out of the deep dark pit you’re in and onto a path of learning steps to manage this vile pile of pigshit called “depression.” I mean, hey, you’re ALREADY doing it, here, on SP. You’re getting things out…because inside you is that frail child you were who had dreams of space and science, and whatever else. She’s not dead yet, and she doesn’t WANT to die yet, or she would’ve already done it. You’re not ready to leave…you’re asking for help, my friend, and it’s out there, it’s not perfect and it will be awkward, but there’s an unexplainable dynamic that manifests itself when we take a cautious step forward towards healing – when the energy of negativity and decades of pain begins to flow out of you, it is replaced with something better. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN WHAT LIFE HAS HANDED YOU. You know it, and you desire it, like fire desires fuel.

Please at least consider talking to someone. Try it on for size, if it doesn’t fit, ok, at least you gave it a shot. I’m pushing sixty. There was a time in my past when I mocked and ridiculed the weaklings who couldn’t fix their own problems, seeing them as spineless sissies. No. I was absolutely wrong – it takes guts to open up to a stranger, and I, for one, believe you WANT to ask for help, but are simply unsure of how or why to go about it.

Wow. I think I just sprained both my thumbs typing all this. That’s ok – I have four backup thumbs somewhere. 😉

Give it thought. Please. It can help.

eternaldarkness 2/18/2021 - 7:19 pm

all the “therapists” i’ve had have been shit. and don’t get me started on “drs.”

i’m falling into an abyss…

i wish i could be unborn, but that’s impossible.

why do i have to have such a shit life?

JudgeMeNot 2/9/2021 - 11:58 pm

I’m sure you know the tips and tricks and heard every advise but what helps me is not just finding a hobby or working out. blahh blah. Stay busy with what stimulates your mind. Neutralize the depression. Wont cure it but might buy you some time.

Soda 2/10/2021 - 1:11 am

Given that your depression has been long term I’d advise seeking help from a psychiatrist, they might be able to prescribe meds that could help.

I’ve experienced depression a number of times throughout my life. Ofc as I got older I was able to manage it better. But the first time was during high school-it was a number of factors that came into play that made me depressed.

I eventually realized that if I am not going to end my life, then staying depressed is no way to live. I had neglected my studies and I decided I wanted to complete my degree. Once I got back into my routine, including regular exercise, hanging out with friends, my depression went away.

For me it was mostly ‘existential.’ I had many disappointments I had to deal with and usually it made me feel suicidal and depressed.

At times I wonder why I ever kept going. Suicide did make a lot of sense but it isn’t easy to pull off and I hadn’t come across any situation I wasn’t able to fix, so I kept going. Also the hope that life would get better and that I’d achieve my dreams motivated me as well.

Now I’m around for a couple of family members I care about. My life has gradually been improving also. Presently I’m struggling with a health issue (resulting from an injury) and on days like today when I feel that I might be healing and maybe improving it’s a pretty encouraging feeling to know that I’ll be back to normal again….but I’m not recovered yet. It’s one of the worst experiences I’ve had. But hopefully in a few weeks I should be fine again if I continue to improve.

Once is totally right, when you are depressed avoid watching things that could aggravate your state of mind. As mentioned doing things that made me happy and returning to my routine pulled me out of it. Hopefully it’ll work for you as well.

thedevilisclose 2/10/2021 - 9:15 am


Robert77 2/10/2021 - 9:45 pm

I used to cure my depression with they very things that would eventually make it worse. Drugs, alcohol an the worst being ***** lol. Staying busy and working is the only thing that really works anymore for me. Reading does help. I do take some meds and the best and least addictive and destructive is Clonidine imho although Im taking Xanax right now but wouldn’t suggest it unless you are on the edge like I am right now. Im a musician and music does help but its really all about trying to stay as busy as you can. Especially keeping your mind busy. Its all still very hard and I myself am not staying as busy as I should right now.

mountaingoat 2/12/2021 - 12:41 pm

Those guys who get into Buddhism and meditation, if they ever get anywhere with it, they invariably seem to tell the rest of us that they never get depressed or experience negative conscious states anymore.

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