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Star Shopping

by lilsuicideangle007

I wanna look up at the stars and be one. I want to become a star in a consolation. I wish I could be a free spirit. I love to just be able to clear my head at night in the starlight. All the trauma and shit. Nothing I can do in this world will be able to even remotely relate to his touch, his voice, his touch, his smell, literally everything about that man that was in my life. He was my soulmate and my stars. I wanted to go star shopping with him. Look at the star, look at the moon, look at everything in this world. Travel the planets, the galaxy’s with him, I really just love with man but he will never love me back and he will never be back. No matter how much I sleep, how much I think. I will walk by his house everyday by his house is full of memories. Literally nothing else in this world I want more is him. Just him, only him, him forever. I want to see him more and more everyday but I will never be able to see him again. I love him, more then anything in this entire world. I never would be able to love someone else like I loved him. I’m in constant pain knowing that I can’t ever see him. He will forever be one true love in this world. I want him back. I want to go star shopping, he is in the stars looking at me. Forever he will be my first love, my first kiss, my first everything. Nothing I can do to bring him back, I want him back to life. I miss you Kadin. Please know I’m so sorry that everything that has happened before you passed, for everything I’ve ever said to you. I miss you shitless and more and more everyday. I love you, please come back

– Your babygirl, your princess, your “soulmate”


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Once 3/7/2021 - 12:22 pm

Sending consolation and wishing peace for you.

system 3/7/2021 - 1:00 pm

This is beautifully written, thank you for sharing.

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