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Update on last post

by Vukovar woman

I didn’t check on my post a few days after I uploaded it, so I didn’t reply to anyone.
I wanted to do so, so it wouldn’t look like I’m dead.
In the meanwhile I did try to commit, “first time” (I was anorexic in the past, I don’t know if it counts). I came out whole.
My dad beat me up a week ago.

I’m fine, my right leg twitched uncontrollably for a minute but now it’s gone. I’m not sure how I should feel about it though.

It started when they spilled ink on my table when I told them to leave me alone, so I threw ink on him after I threatened to spill it on their food. I don’t really care about the twitching or pain, that goes away in minutes, and it’s not even that bad. He told me that “This is what he would have treated you” and I hate how he tries to connect everything to him despite not knowing what happened. I regret ever bringing it up.
I could have rolled out easily and I did the moment he pushed me down but I let him do it because I knew he couldn’t do anything serious to me.
I don’t know how to feel about it, because I know it’s my fault but I don’t feel guilty.
My father isn’t a bad person, please don’t say anything against him in the comments.
It just hurt because my cat likes laying on my legs and now she couldn’t due to the burns.
I don’t know why all of you focused so much on the “idiot” part of my post, I didn’t mean it so harshly.Didn’t expect that I’d get so much attention, even if I knew this was a fast moving board.


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system 3/13/2021 - 10:31 pm

Glad you’re still here, OP.

blue_dude15 3/14/2021 - 3:19 am

I’m also glad you’re still here

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