carbon monoxide

April 1st, 2010 by jeremybw1

Does anyone know how to make it work by burning charcoal in a small room?

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  1. From what I know about chemistry – carbox monoxide is produced during imperfect combustion when not enough oxygen is present. That’s all I can tell you. I wonder how to make charcoal to not fully burn and still burn enough to produce CO. Maybe that’s the case why it is not widespread method for suicide.

  2. According to what I’ve read it is best to light the charcoals in the hibachi outside, let them burn for a bit, not very long, and then bring them inside into a small airtight room of one kind or another. Just by sitting in there with it death is supposed to be fairly certain. CO is my 2nd pick, h2s being my first though as it seems much more quick and reliable.

  3. yo whats h2s? and where can you get it?

  4. That’s a very good question. H2S is the shit, or to put it simply it is the gas called hydrogen sulfide which I will be using for my little dirt nap project. There are many different ways that I could make it but I’ve found two products, one is at walmart the other is at a nursery/garden supply store. I will make it by mixing together 64 oz of bonide lime sulfur spray & 64 oz of the works toilet bowl cleaner. Hopefully together this amount should create far more than the minimum lethal concentration, but I still need to do the math to determine the space in my car and how much of this gas I will need to create in order for their to be a minimum concentration of 1,000 parts per million. I am going to type up and print out papers with “Caution – hazardous gas h2s – call out the hazmat team” on them in big letters and tape them on my car which I’ve decided is airtight enough to work, so as to ensure that no heroes gets hurt.

  5. Which reminds me, “David Bowie & Philip Glass – Heroes (Aphex Twin Remix)” is the way youtube titled a song which is worth checking out. As is “Arvo Part – Fratres For Cello And Piano” a beautiful song. Couldn’t hardly resist mentioning it, I’ve been in a musical mood lately.

  6. I think that nobody should give “advices” on how to, one should not push or lead or mislead others. I know of a guy who had 6 epileptic fits a day despite medication, and yes, he did away with himself. Another one suffered from chorea, and every time he swallowed anything to eat, he would choke and would have to be taken to the hospital. And also did away with himself. Those are pretty much extreme cases. Other than that, emotional distress or things like that, should not be encouraged, like they are being done here. On the contrary, emotional distress, as intense as it can be, can be easened with talks and listening, at least, it does help a little bit.

  7. you will be charged with assisting to suicide, which is a Federal crime

  8. that was for Entity by the way, should there be any doubt about it

  9. Assisting suicide means having a direct role in it. I’ve never even met anyone on this website and I wouldn’t take part in anyone’s suicide but my own. All I’ve done is mentioned what I am considering doing to myself, which also happens to be readily available information here on the internet and world wide web of information. “Detergent suicide” methods are certainly not a state secret, it is common knowledge. Same goes for the carbon monoxide. Anyone over 30 and anyone who has taken their car through a smog check emissions test knows about carbon monoxide. I appreciate your feedback at times Alvaro but you have to realize that not everyone fits the college psychology textbook definitions. Some of us really are glad to be suicidal, couldn’t be happier even, and I think that we deserve the right to have a place to voice our opinions and to share without legal threats being brought into the discussion. If your efforts here are aimed at “crisis counseling” of some sort then you might find that fits better in the support part of this forum. I don’t want to be talked out of suicide – promise. I’d really like to be talked into suicide to be honest with you. Show me a place on the web where I can find that better than here and I’ll gladly go. As for places where you can talk people down from spells of depression I can think of several website better than this one. If you look at the title of this forum it says “share your suicide story with others” – food for thought.

  10. Haunts All: I like you man, right my words, but I have not enough communication skills to tell it that way. In my case suicide is rational thing to do, and only fear of pain is preventing me from doing it, but not too much longer. If there is someone who will tell me easy, painless way to do it and that everything will be then all right I would be so glad.
    2 justalvaro: Sorry to be so harsh, but you are not helping people, only making it worse with your opinions. In my case making me pissed off because you remember me all that people who don’t understand those who are different.

  11. Chill out “justalvaro” he is not helping in my suicide, he is simply answering a question for me.

  12. it’s a pretty old method I hear and not surely works

  13. Entity,
    It seems like that justalvaro’s ability of posting stories, and his rights of entering the member’s area are totally destroyed by your revenge of one of your comment being deleted here.
    Do you feel good about it ? Was that you ?

  14. Traps are everywhere, in life, including here.
    Once we are born, we fall in the trap of family, break free or not ?
    Then the society traps, the love traps, and etc..

    We even build them ourself.

    I fell in one here, that needed password, and got none in return but scare.
    That scared me indeed to delete my computer’s “Temporary Internet Files” and “Cookies” in case it’s booby trapped with trojans.

    Then I realized my scare has returned to life.
    I was fearless the time I just didn’t care even my life.
    But now I fear I couldn’t do much.
    May be I should thank Charlotte for the reminder.

  15. Yep, the traps are everywhere indeed. The world is a cruel place, in fact that’s why people are suicidal in the first place, and often it’s to escape from the very people who think that they’re helping. You can even tell them that and they will still keep on, that is proof that people can be (and are) programmed. I saw that “IPod password” and wasn’t fooled for a second. What happened with the password thing that you say it scared you? Just curious.

    The world is booby-trapped and the vultures are always circling overhead ready for the feeding frenzy. All the more reason to keep a sense of humor while striving for wisdom. And don’t talk bad about someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. That way when you do decide to talk bad about them, you’ll at least be a mile away, and you’ll have their shoes.

  16. fireflieslight: Yes, I was the one who sent him to hell. But I don’t understand – what was my revange exactly? I don’t want my posts to be deleted just because I will tell someone to f**k himself with his opinions. I know it’s harsh and all the things, but sometimes these people are deaf and blind and they want to tell you all these bullshits about life and I’m just sick of them.

  17. Entity,
    I’m sorry to tell you that you were wrong.
    Because you haven’t got your revenge. And you have only created a hell for yourself to hate.
    And you hated the wrong person.
    Justalvaro shouldn’t have been the scapegoat for you to send to hell.
    He was harsh at times, but we all did.

    The webmaster deleted one of your comment in his/her own discretion.
    And I was the informer saying “Isn’t there still justice if threatening of doing serious bodily damage to somebody?”.

    As a by-stander, when I saw that threat to visit someone to do serious bodily damage and break his legs and so forth until his ending up in misery kind of wheelchair life, my heart was racing fast at extreme disgust.
    I came to this site because I didn’t get my justice well served.
    And many here are like me feeling the same without justice the world should have entitled them.
    What if some misfortunate emotional people already with severe depression from oppression, might feel in empathizing the same kind of unfair treatment they had in society, seemingly suppressing them again even in this little cyber space ?
    All of us don’t want to see the vultures preying here. We just need a bit of comfort where air can be sucked in.
    I don’t think you would like to extinguish this too, their dim ray of hope of existence.
    And you are so strong to know your road, only that which path is still indecisive, in your own mind.
    Though you are eerie, but you can be a good loyal honorable friend, only that you are in your shunning period, and I’ll fully respect that and stop here.

  18. Well, there was big IF. It was hypothetic situation. Justalvaro really can’t understand what a most of people here feels so I have tried to explain it to him in way he can understand. What if he would be in such a horrible physical state? What would he tell in that situation? Because the souls of many people here actually are in this horrible state. They are psychically destroyed and arrogant people only making it worse.
    I’m trying to be as nice as possible to anyone who seems to be in bad shape, but justalvaro is not suicidal, nor broken, he is just arrogant one trying to tell his bullshits to everyone, god only knows why.

  19. hi,i cant decide-i have the 2 methods.i thought h2s was the best but im a bit worried,shall i go charcoal-i wd like good advice plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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