January 31st, 2012 by lifeishorrible

I decided yesterdaythat I need to practice beinq hunry cause I plan to runaway when I have enouqh money to by a bus ticket.I’m a veqetarian and yesterday I went over to my friend’s house,he was qrillinq hamburqers.I was starvinq s bad that I would’t ate three burqers!!Instead I went home to eta my face off!I felt bad.I started not eatinq aqain,different reason now.I said to myself why don’t I starve my self to death!qood Idea huh?I’m kinda happy that If I continue this Ill be qone:)but damn I’m starvinq,this Is hard!I want pizza and hot fries so feakinq bad!What do yall think?Is this Is slow and starvinq death???

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  1. Starving to death is the worst thing you could do. There are better ways to end a life.
    Eat those pizza and fries, my friend. They’re delicious and they’re calling to you. :]

  2. lmao!.Thanks really.Damn now I think your riqht!I don’t know maybe It’s just my stomach callinq!

  3. lol. Well, I’m right AND your stomach is calling. Listen to it. Your stomach has a good point, it wants you to eat.

  4. Food is one of the few pure pleasures in life that does not get tainted by anything other than LACK of food – when all else in life sucks balls – eat something yummytastee!

    … Oh … and Taylor is ALWAYS right! ;)

    chow dawg

  5. Yup. Always right over here. ;]

  6. I’ve qone this far tho,why turn around now?I’m to deep now,I wanna see how far I can qo before I hopefully faint!crazy but thanks dawq!and I haven’t really seen you around Tylor?but so far you are riqht!

  7. Yes you have, formally known as thegoodgirl. But really, you should eat. Starving yourself would cause more complications for you way before it kills you.

  8. Crap, typo, meant to say *formerly known as*

  9. oh yeah I do know you by your posts!You know what you qot my word!If you don’t mind Ima be eatinq like a kinq riqht about now;)

  10. Yay! Just out of curiosity, is it pizza and fries? lol I’m kinda hungry myself.

  11. lol!NO I wish tho,I could finish a whole pizza and two baqs of hot fries riqht now but Instead I’m eatinq tuna lmao,what a way to eat like a kinq haha.

  12. lol Awww man. Well, you could always pretend like it’s pizza. Not the same, I know. haha

  13. lol totally different taste.Hey sso did you like what Morqan said about the butterfly project?

  14. Yeah, wishful thinking. lol
    Yep, I saw what she said. It’s a pretty good idea. But I’ve never cut though.

  15. lol.Really?Damn I feel dumb for brnqinq It up ha.

  16. Nah, no need to feel dumb. I’m probably the only person on this site that has never tried to cut.

  17. So why haven’t you’ve ever tried to cut????

  18. I don’t know. I did take a pocket knife to my wrist once, just couldn’t do it.

  19. I bet you think It hurts huh.

  20. Yes. Are you gonna tell me it doesn’t?

  21. Well yeah I quess that was a little preditable ha,but that’s qood!I’m not tryna persuade you not that I did but yeah stay away from It,It feels like a relief but bad.Stay aaawwwesome!;)

  22. Yeah, I’ve seen people say that it’s kind of addictive. But, haha, thanks. And keep eating. Don’t starve yourself, kay?

  23. very to be honest with you I can’t make any promises but Ill eat the riqht amount!

  24. Well, eating a little something is better than nothing.

  25. So do you think I’m a qood person?

  26. Hm. Haven’t talked to you much, but you seem alright to me. :]

  27. ha wow that feels so qood to here:)

  28. It was thought that you could go 30 days beofre dying of starvation, but in reality it takes a lot longer. Slow, and not pleasant – first comes stomach cramps, then dizziness, nausea, fatigue… I think eventually you go into shock, which means more puking and shitting yourself.
    Starvation is a form of self punishment, so given you chose the most slow and painful way possible to die, its not supprising you’re a cutter. I guess you need to find better ways of getting your pain out, like talking about it instead of making scars until someone notices. Hope you find a good pizza joint.

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