November 30th, 2012 by Just Liz

Have you ever starting writing a post,
then realised that nobody would actually care?

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  1. You’d be surprise…what’s your story? I’m listening.

  2. Who would not care about your posts?

  3. If anyone cares about the depressed I think and believe it is the depressed. In mainstream society they don’t care nor want to nor know how to listen or be a friend,etc.

    Whats on your mind ???

  4. I agree with you taco. For theist part it is only the depressed that are interested. But just small conversations like this one helps me for the time being.

  5. I agree with you taco. For theist part it is only the depressed that are interested. But just small conversations like this one helps me for the time being.

  6. All the time. Just write it anyways, its not like you’re getting graded on your post.

  7. @lucy4 & Duke of Marmalade: I think I owe you guys a “hello” — so hello.

  8. You don’t really owe me anything. Err… I’ve missed you!

  9. Hi Umbra; I hope your doing well. We’re hijacking the post of somebody named Liz. Weird, huh?
    Rock on, kid.

  10. …Who thought nobody would care about this post. How wrong did that turn out to be

  11. @Duke of Marmalade: Hm? You’re actually that attached to me? How…odd…

    @lucy4: Totally weird, I guess.

  12. You do not necessarily have to become attached to something to notice that it’s gone

  13. :) <—— Things have gone from bad to worse. I'm resorting to emoticons now. :)

  14. I suppose so, Duke.
    In the same boat, lucy4.

  15. It’s a messed up world

  16. Gentlemen, our conversation ain’t all that chipper…

  17. I was thinking that myself. I would tell you about my day but that is unlikely to help matters. Tomorrow however, is going to be very exciting

  18. All right. I’m *poking* you. What’s going to happen tomorrow?

  19. Well, technically it is tomorrow. I cannot overstate the importance of today as Cinders and Ashes bids to further enhance his reputation in the Fighting Fifth Hurdle. Elsewhere top class three miler Bobs Worth will be running in the Hennessy. Very exciting stuff.

  20. How is One_Day? I never did send her a notification email before I disappeared.

  21. Duke, you lost me there…

  22. It’s been a few weeks since she last posted. I don’t know.

  23. That’s understandable. You don’t get many racing enthusiasts on suicide sites. They skip the site part and go straight to suicide.

  24. You’re not dead, Umbra. As selfish as it might sound, I’m glad for that. I’m typing on my phone (my laptop died). I’m glad your heavy metal Canadian persona is still occupying this planet.
    Emoticons= Lowest form of expression. Ever.

  25. Heh. One_Day hates my metal. She said the vocals were ‘contrived’… Anyways, thanks guys, for making my evening a little less gloomy. I have to log out now. Cya.

  26. Hey Umbra; Don’t know what’s happening with 1-day. I’m glad you’re OK. Peace.

  27. @just liz : i think that all the time, but i care. i care what people have to say on here.

  28. @Just Liz: Sometimes just writing out feelings in the post helps even if nobody ever sees it.

  29. @Just Liz: Sometimes just writing out feelings in the post helps even if nobody ever sees it.

  30. Bobs Worth wins the Hennessy!

  31. City are still drawing 1-1 with Everton.

  32. Bobs Worth dug me out of a hole. But I’m still in a hole. City have 10 minutes to do something. Come on City.

  33. Good luck! Duke

  34. Hi Duke; Out of curiosity, what’s your overall win/loss ratio? I ask because I met a guy once who makes a living gambling. It takes a special breed to consistently win at betting. If everybody won all the time the casinos, horse tracks, etc would go out of business.
    Good Luck.

  35. I don’t really now about ratios. Which is probably why I don’t win very often. You have to have lots of friends that tell you things to make profit. As you probably appreciate, I don’t have many friends and certainly not the kind that know very much about anything.

  36. Hahaha. Your response almost sounded like a thinly veiled insult. I’m still pulling for you, Duke.

  37. :) I meant people that I’ve actually met in real life

  38. I wonder what’s happened to Just Liz and whether she will be please that her post did not go unnoticed. I wonder what interesting things people do on weekends. Maybe they just wonder around like me, wondering what is going on.

  39. Yeah, its ironic how the original poster wondered if anybody would care, and here we are nearly 40 comments later. In all fairness though the majority of these comments are totally off topic.
    How do people spend their weekends? Well, I shaved today for the first time in a week. I was starting to look like somebody you might find in a police line up. I’ll do my laundry later, then walk to Del Taco & get two bean n cheese burritos (with green sauce, not red). After that I’ll walk to the local bar. If Dave the bartender is working I’ll leave. I don’t like his attitude.

    There’s another bar about five blocks away that’s my back up watering hole. I’m going to try to stay off of this site, cause in a few hours I don’t plan on being coherent.
    What about you?

  40. Absolutely nothing. This is the most boring period of my entire life. I’m going to do something constructive like tidy up. Then watch an Irish horse called Champagne Fever run tomorrow. How interesting the rest of the week gets will depend on the outcome of these sporting events.

  41. It’s been like this for a while, that’s why I’m on here so much. I anticipate things will improve in 2/3 months.

  42. HI YA GUYS :D

  43. I read it all,
    I’m pleased that you guys had a whole convo on my post…

  44. Hi Liz, you definitely did not go unnoticed :-)

  45. totally unexpected man,
    All I remember is “Dell Taco” “How do people spend their weekends?” and “@just liz : i think that all the time, but i care. i care what people have to say on here.”
    now I wish I was here when I saw these comments going on so I could talk to people then again I just might have made it boring

  46. Really? I can get more boring?

  47. Liz, if you want to chat with others on a more real-time basis, try the [not allowed by rule] room linked from this site. I spent a lot of time there, and it’s a very open place.

  48. I would of asked about people’s lives and if they like dogs….what’s their story…how was high school ’cause I’m still in it…does it ever get somewhat better etc

  49. Well, that’s a good place to start! I don’t frequent the chat sites very often but you should give it a try if you like chatting.

  50. what if people don’t like me?
    I couldn’t take that kind of rejection :O

  51. Of course people would like you.

  52. Okay, so where do I go?

  53. There’s a link on the main page

  54. do I have to register? :I

  55. dahh……well alrighty

  56. It was nice seeing you there Liz. Hope you come back sometime :-)

  57. cheer up guys!

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