May 25th, 2008 by Georgia

everyone has limits. I’ve spent most of the past ten years close to mine. I’ve reached them a few times too. I’m sick of being the one who helps everyone else be happy, get things fixed and such. I get the message though. Someone out there has decided things shouldn’t go right for me, I shouldn’t be happy. I’ve had enough of being miserable, putting on a brave face and being there for everyone else.

I have HIV, i’m the most careful person iknow when it comes to condoms, and i still managed to get infected. most of my friends dont use them at all, sleep around, and they’re all clean. how is that fair?

the Girl i love told me she loved me on thursday, is in a very unhappy marriage, and messaged me today to say she was sorry for saying what she said, but she’s staying with him, because it’s easier. that makes no sense whatsoever. but hey, if it makes her happy.

I cant do the job i want to do, because of blatant discrimination from the people who were getting paid silly money to teach me, and encourage me to do the job. they couldnt even gt their finger out of their asses long enough to get my work placement sorted and let me prove i could do it.

every relationship i’ve been in, i’ve been cheated on, so the last relationship, will be my last relationship.

I’ve passed the point of no return. tonight’s the night. i’m out of here!

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