is death the right thing

  August 1st, 2008 by deathisseekingme

i have had to deal with bulling and harrassment and taunting and lots of other stuff since the kids were old enough to call me a name or throw some kinda of insult at me or ruin my life in some way. Like recently i stuffered a very heartbreaking break up with a girl that i thought was the right one but aparrently i was very wrong.

Not only that but i have had to deal with it harrassment not only at my school
but also i have to deal with it at my own house too i also have had to deal with rejection after rejection over and over ever since i asked out the first girl i ever liked and that just some of it.

also it seems that some of the people that hate me have gotten my entire school against me i have no friends what so ever at my school. Yeah sure most people when they are cast out from society learn to play the guitar or something and i ended turning to video games but no well i just lost interest in them i dont have the normal high sprit i usually do when used to play them.

Now i have turned very extremely depressed and i just dont know what to do anymore. Never before in my life did i ever experience feeling and thoughts like these but now i cant help but wonder if i am a lost cause. i just need some help and i dont know where to turn to anymore like the whole world has given up on me or something.

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