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I don’t know.

by sea el

I can’t take it anymore. It’s the same thing every year at this time. I don’t know why. I feel helpless, lifeless, alone, tired. It’s a terrible cycle. I feel like life is just passing me by. That I am a burden to others. I am completely alone.
I have friends, I am quite popular in town and know people everywhere I go. I have a good relationship with my father. I love my job. But it all seems so hallow. I am really empty on the inside. I am disconnected from everyone. No one really needs me. I just exsist. I just get older. Nothing seems worthwhile anymore.
I always get passed the depression somehow, but what’s the point if it just comes back and gets worse each time. The only thing that keeps me from giving up is my father. I just can’t hurt him. But if I’m gone I guess that isn’t really my problem.

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Question 2/12/2009 - 11:41 pm

Keep holding on for your father… he is that one who can feel your emptiness just talk to him..

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