A Poem I wrote to: Life

  July 20th, 2009 by Boondockrod


To: Life  


i wept gently at the sound of her call
i always favored that wide eyed grin
the time they said is now at hand
time for her rest to finally begin
suffering no more, for her at least
letting go all the pain and heartache
i’ll stay with her til the very last moment
for her heart was the claim i did stake
let go i say…please just let her go
theres nothing i can do to change
over and over til i see every color
the memories drowning the pain
can i go on?…do i even dare try
when half of one is one less tear
every part of living our dream
is half enough to even care?

i bent down to kiss you and say a last goodbye
my lips just curled as you drank a tear from my eye
peacefully asleep is how they said you appeared
no peace for me as my heart was just speared
bleeding all over as the whole world turns red
tonight i will join you…amongst all the dead…

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