It’s almost funny

  July 16th, 2009 by Aleshya

people love me. My family, my amazing boyfriend, all my friends. but they don’t understand me. I just get sad. I had a hard childhood of bullyin. now I’m headin for highschool, and i guess I’m excited. but I come from a poor family so I need to work my ass off to get scholarships and stuff. the pressure is awful. one slip, one lil mistake of a grade or somthin and I won’t be able to stay in the world I am right now. and I cut. it feels good. my bf though has no idea how to react, he is soo sweet and he keeps my mind off of my suicidal side whenever he’s around but when he’s gone it punches me in the gut. it’s funny because I could lead a normal challening life and I can’t see to do it…it sux. i wanna die cuase I’m not happy. when i think back I feel like i was fakin things. like I’ve never been happy before. the depression is gonna kill me..

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